187th Anniversary Edition


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Delta Fair
July 27-30, 2017
     Family fun since 1830!

Latitude: 35 degrees 87.665’N

Longitude is 78 degrees 69.143’W


Established in 1830, Delta Fair is one of Ontario’s oldest operating Agricultural Fairs. The first president was the Honourable Charles Jones, Member of the Upper Canada Legislative Council. Until 1866, the Fair rotated locations between Delta, Farmersville (Athens) and Gananoque before settling in Delta, on land owned by the Thomas Morris family. The grounds were leased until 1911, when the Fair Board purchased the land at a cost of $1600.00

Originally incorporated as the “South Leeds Agricultural Society”, the members opted to change the name to the present, “Delta Agricultural Society”, following the 100th Anniversary in 1930. Now held annually in July, the Fair, also known as the “People’s Holiday” has taken place in August and September.

Delta Maple Syrup Festival
Established in 1967, Delta was the first Maple Syrup Festival in the area. During the event planning stages for Canada’s Centennial, a small group of dedicated volunteers met regularly in the Council Chambers at the Old Town Hall. As President of the group, Harold Russell worked tirelessly as he contacted every farmer, arranged sugar shack visits and tours, promoted sugaring off demonstrations and jack wax parties.
Other members of the community who were involved heavily were Arch Ostrom, Sally Halladay, Ron Morris, Lloyd Sawyer, Howard Jones, Sid Talbot, Glen & Irma Chant. There was little advertising required but huge crowds came from far and near.
In the beginning the Festival was a three day event which included busloads of students who visited Delta on school trips to enjoy pancakes and syrup which were served on both floors of the Town Hall. Visitors were able to tour the local sugar bushes and to watch maple syrup being bottled and maple candy being made in the Confederated Goods Syrup plant.
Over the years the Festival continued through the efforts of many local residents and Service Clubs until it recently became a project for the Directors of the Delta Agricultural Society.
April 15th & 16th 2017