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President’s Message

This year we are celebrating 186 years of continuous service to the people of this community. The Delta

Fair is a success each year because of the loyal support and generous contributions made by the many volunteers in the area.

Volunteers give their valuable time and energy to come and support the fair. Their involvement, from paid gate admissions to attending committee meetings, helps create entertainment for our visitors and serves to further Delta’s reputation as a first class fair. Volunteers also donate equipment and resources

to help improve the overall appearance and operation of the fair. These donations assist in maintaining our facilities in a safe, working condition and serve to enhance the attractiveness of the grounds.

Volunteers continue to financially support the variety of services that make a fair successful.

We, the Board of Directors, take this opportunity to invite you to come to the fair and celebrate rural life and encourage you to thank the countless individuals who assisted in making the Delta Fair what it is today.

Lend a hand and we will see you at the fair!

Arthur Cowan


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Welcome everyone to the Homecraft Division of the 2016 Delta Fair!

Each year, we are proud to display the work of local gardeners, crafters, artists and bakers from the area and this year will be no different. We are thankful to our many returning exhibitors who have made our Delta Fair a showcase of their labours. We look forward to attracting many new exhibitors, no matter what their age, to share their many talents.

Should you have any specific questions regarding any of our competitions, please feel free to email our Committee directly at

A great big thank you goes out to our committee members and volunteers. Without their talents, dedication, hard work and commitment to the Fair, none of what you see would be possible. We would also like to send a huge thank you to our local businesses and sponsors for their continued support.

Since last year’s fair, we were very fortunate to receive a most generous donation of shelving units from Chris Nelson of Portland. These beautiful glass shelving units, which were previously used at the Carousel Gift Store in Portland, will be used to display the Homecraft exhibits.

We all look forward to seeing new faces and old friends at our 186th Edition of the Delta Fair!

Heather Young, Homecraft Chairperson

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110 Mill Creek Dr.

Box 220 Delta, ON

K0E 1G0

Latitude: 35 degrees 87.665’N

Longitude is 78 degrees 69.143’W


Art Cowan, President

Charles Nichols, Past President

Melinda Held-Cowan, 1st Vice President

Sherron White, 2nd Vice President

Tracy Perrin, Treasurer

William Morris, Secretary

Yvonne Landon, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer,

Agricultural Awareness          Sharon Halladay      275-2857

Agricultural Produce               Ernie Curtis             928-2964

Ambassador Pageant               Tricia Laming          802-9607

Barbecue                                 Melinda Cowan       924-1849

Bavarian Garden                     Angela Ferguson     928-3383

Children’s Activities                Erica Sortberg         449-3841

Concessions                            Marlaine Hart          924-2407

Entertainment                          William Morris        928-2800

Executive                                 Art Cowan              924-1849

4-H Competitions                    Brenda Dunster       342-0014

Finance                                   Tracy Perrin            928-2272

Hall Rental/Dance                   Sherron White         928-2255

Homecraft                               Heather Young        928-3202

Horses                                    Heather Young        928-3202

Horse Draw                             Brian Hart               924-2407

Horticulture                             Pat Best                   359-5503

Labour                                    Steve Ball                928-2006

Lawn Mower Races                Brenda Perrin          803-3880

Livestock                                 Ed Cavanagh           275-2113

Motorcycle Display                 John Kitson             803-5927

Official Opening                      Vivian Morris         928-2175

Promotion                               Cathy Livingston     928-2796

Property                                  Art Cowan              924-1849

School Exhibits                       Ruth Sheridan         928-2092

Sponsorship                            Sherron White         928-2255

Tractor Pull                             Tricia Laming          802-9607