Awards Application

2002 - Kristen Patterson

2003 - Andrew Willard

2004 - Emily Willard

2005 - Caitlin Simpson

2006 - Shawn Sudds

2007 - Olivia Patterson

2008 - Connor Perrin

2009 - Travis Perrin

2010 - Sierra Miller

2011 - Rebekah Perrin

2012 - Not Awarded

2013 - Connor Pearson

2014 - Abigail Okum

2015 - Not Awarded

2016 - Not Awarded

Youth Volunteer Award

Sponsors: Royal Canadian Legion Branch #207, Ladies Auxiliary and The Delta Agricultural Society.

The Youth Volunteer Award of Excellence was created to recognize the outstanding achievements of Delta’s youth. The personal commitment of time and effort made by our youth are valuable contributions to the quality of life within the community. The leaders of tomorrow are among the many youth volunteers of today!

Young volunteers eligible for nomination must be between the ages of 10 and 18 and have made a substantial and innovative contribution of time, leadership, initiative, originality and perseverance without remuneration to a charity, not for profit organization or an individual.

Citizen of the Year Award

Sponsored by:  The Delta Agricultural Society

Our village is full of people worth celebrating! They are our neighbors - people who care about others, adults who give more than they take for the betterment of the community. These caring leaders are found throughout the Delta area and they set an example for others to follow. Their contributions, as informal volunteers, make life brighter for us all.

This award is intended to recognize the numerous unpaid, voluntary contributions made behind the scenes which provide extraordinary help, care and leadership to groups in the community over a long period of time.


1997 - William H. Morris

1998 - Cathy J. Livingston

1999 - Lorna H. Pearson

2000 - Dennis B. Halladay

2001 - Nellie M. Carbino

2002 - Marie J. Flood

2003 - Vivian E. Morris

2004 - Heather J. Halladay

2005 - M. Patricia Phillips

2006 - Brenda L. Perrin

2007 - John MacTavish

2008 - Hazel W. Wykes

2009 - Howard E. French

2010 - Carl G. Willard

2011 - Ruth L. Sheridan

2012 - Gerald A. Phillips

2013 - Edith I. Woods

2014 - Melinda & Art Cowan

2015 - Millard S. Goodsell

2016 - Betty Penstone

Ontario Agricultural Service Diploma

The Ontario Agricultural Service Diploma is a very prestigious award of merit which is intended to recognize an individual’s outstanding contributions to an Agricultural Society (Fair Board) or to the field of agriculture in general.

Sponsored by the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, the diploma may only be awarded once a year by a member society.


2015 Millard Goodsell (l) presented Betty Penstone (centre) with the 2016 award with the Committee Chairperson Vivian Morris (r), 2003 Citizen of the Year.

Don and Debbie Gordon received the 2016 Ontario Agricultural Service Diploma from Fair Secretary William Morris (r).

1989 Herb Reed, Delta

1990 Dr. D. W. Wilson, Delta

1991 Howard Chant, Portland

1992 Howard French, Delta

1993 George & Joan Tackaberry, Athens

1994 Ross & Marion Stone, Forfar

1995 W. Ronald Morris, Delta

1996 Ron & Alma White, Delta

1997 Malcolm Davison, Elgin

1998 Charles Nichols, Toledo

1999 Clara H. Townsend, Harlem

2000 Marie Flood, Delta

2001 C. Bruce Teepell, Elgin

2002 Paul Ostrom, Delta

2003 John Willows, Delta

2004 Sam Fleming, Delta

2005 Baker’s Feeds, Forfar

2006 Weagant’s Farm Supply, Brockville

2007 Sugar Maple Farms, Portland

2008 Ernie and Adam Curtis, Delta

2009 Art Cowan, Delta

2010 Mensen Farms, Delta

2011 John Bongers, Delta

2012 Brenda & Sam Dunster, Mallorytown

2013 Dr. James M. Reid, Athens

2014 World’s Finest Shows, Simcoe

2014 Bev Carr, Athens

2015 Evan & Mary Jane Wills, Odessa

2016 Don & Debbie Gordon, Elgin

2017 Ruth Vogel, Portland